Ornamental forging

Forging is a widespread metal processing method. Actually, forging is used to process a lot of metals – but, most frequently, this term is connected with smith craft and iron processing. This is so because iron is less susceptible to cold processing than other metals, and, to reach a desired shape or an image on iron surface, you have to heat it up to a temperature above 1000°С.

In your house

It sometimes happens that a man lives in a beautifully furnished house, but after a while, his housing starts to seem too ordinary to him - indistinguishable from other houses. Even a super-comfortable house, furnished with madly expensive furniture and embellished with original pictures of great painters, will remind official premises if it lacks ginger – some specific feature inherent only in this house. And forging is ideal as this original stroke.

Artistic forgery imparts a special splendor to any house; it looks lovely and solidly at the same time, distinguishing your house from traditional mansions owned by the majority of you neighbors. It imparts a special status to the house owner; artistic forgery is kind of a business card of the house owner. Metal Art is famous not only for its beauty, but also its quality and durability. What could be more honest than metal?

Fine, forged products harmoniously fit into the modern interior and exterior of buildings. For example, decorative grills, signage, street lights have an expressive silhouette and they can decorate the street, while elaborate lighting help create a cozy home. As in ancient times, the product coming out of the hands of the modern blacksmith is an original and unique work of art, endowed with creative imagination of executor. Prices on products depend on the order you have selected.