Powder painting

Powder painting is made through electrostatic spraying. This technology allows you to paint the desired surface quickly and efficiently, the paint at the same time is distributed evenly and creates a stable and reliable coverage. Powder coating is run as follows: particles of paint passing through a special dispenser get a negative or positive electric charge; since the surface of the coated product is grounded and equally charged, the paint layer is perfectly even. The coating quality is improved due to the fact that the paint particles are distributed in a thicker layer at the sharp corners and edges of the surface; thus, powder coating provides yet additional advantages. After application, powder coating is hardened within 10-20 minutes. The cell polymerization (a special device for the formation of coating) the powder colorant is melted and evenly spread out across the entire surface of the product, creating a thin and very solid film.

We offer services of powder coating of metal in any color according to RAL scale, using paints only the most famous and reputable manufacturers of high-quality powder paint. The cost of painting is from 5 EUR per m2.