Steel doors

Metallic doors are your first contribution into a firm house. A firm house is not only strong walls, but also a tight sleep of its owners and strong confidence in its security. Metal doors protect us from other people's curiosity which is no soap in your safe and cozy house.

Where do metal doors lead to?

Metal doors do not look massive and unfriendly - so they are equally relevant and fashionable in apartments, and lovely suburban houses, and in respectable offices and business warehouses. In short, the metal door is needed where there is something to protect.

As far as an apartment is concerned, installation of a metal door is normally what the entire refurbishment should start with. This is simpler both from the viewpoint of the refurbishment proper and its security – why all those expensive modern materials and furniture if there’s nobody to safeguard them? Modern metal doors are not just the colossus of cold metal, but interesting and stylish interior details, endowed with yet another indispensable feature - to preserve and protect.

As regards offices – metal doors can save business in the direct meaning of the word: in business, every sheet of paper is worth its weight in gold. To speak about warehouses, a metal door is an expenditure item as unquestionable as a “live” security. The cost of metal doors ranges from 200 EUR.